How do I make money with AdSense

AdSense is Google’s advertising program that allows publishers to display ads on their websites in return for sharing in the revenue generated from user click-throughs.

If you have a Website and are considering using AdSense, this article will tell you everything you need to know about how it works, how much money Google gives each month, and some tips on maximizing your earnings at different levels.

How does AdSense work?

Google AdSense is a cost-per-click program in which, when users click on the Ads link, your Website provided, you will get paid. This is not a sponsored or affiliate link, but these are advertisement links, which provide money when a visitor of your Website clicks on it.

What do I get paid for?

However, it depends on a variety of factors, but generally, you receive $0.10 to $10 every time someone clicks through to your website Ads from Google’s AdSense network. Depending on the number of impressions your ad receives, and how many clicks through on the Ads of your website, you can expect payouts upwards of $10-$2000 a month, for a normal traffic (5K to 1M Organic Traffic in a month) Website.

The amount you are paid is proportional to how many people click through to your site, and if they are clicking on high-ranking ads (High CPC Ads) then you may earn more than expected money


How do I make money with Google AdSense?

Generate traffic

If you want to make money with AdSense, you’ll need to first generate more and more organic traffic to your Website. If your Website become popular then a lot of visitors come to your Website. If your Website has user engaging content then definitely you will get more and more clicks on Ads, displayed on your Website, Consequently you’ll earn enormous money. This is the best way to maximize your earnings.

Choose your keywords wisely 

For your ads to be effective, you need high-quality targeted keywords that are bringing people to your site. The more keywords targeted, the better the likely hood of generating income for you with AdSense. However, keep in mind that Google’s algorithm changes frequently, so make sure your keywords don’t get too stale.

Create a high-quality Website

You can make money with AdSense for your normal Website, but it’s easier and more effective to earn money from AdSense if you have a high-quality and well-maintained Website that keeps visitors coming back.

Keep your ads fresh 

To maximize your income with AdSense, you need to keep your ads up to date. Meaning you should add new information to your website regularly, and change your ad campaigns  and Ads position in your Website, every 3-6 months for them to be effective.

Spend time

A great way to make money with AdSense is by investing time into learning Google AdWords, Google AdSense and Its Ads setting, SEO (search engine optimization), YouTube marketing, Facebook advertising, email marketing, and social media campaigns/campaign management/social media analytics, etc.


If you’ve been considering making money with Google AdSense, then this is an excellent option for you. Google may pay you $10 to $2000+ a month to display Ads of its network on your Website which may also drive visitors back to your website.

This is an excellent way to make money online, however, Google’s ad network is crowded with other advertisers trying to do the same thing. This can be a profitable endeavor, but it does take time and effort. Either way, it’s a good place to start.