How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Site

In this blog we are going to talk about how to Increase Organic Traffic to your website, When we ask a business head or a marketer what else they want, the answer is probably more customers. So after establishing a good business and a beautiful website, a business’s biggest challenge is getting more website traffic and converting that traffic into customers.

There are several ways to bring more organic traffic to a website. In fact, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by seeing the number of ways available. But you are not the only one. So let’s dive deep into the topic and discuss what the organic traffic is and how to increase that traffic.

What Is Organic Traffic in SEO?

The word organic traffic is used when the visitors that visit your site are an outcome of unpaid search results (obviously from search engines), meaning that the visitors come to your Website naturally, i.e., without any paid method.

Organic and inorganic traffic are two opposite terms. Inorganic traffic is the paid traffic in which the visits result from paid ads. In organic traffic, the visitors find your Website via searching on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex). Organic traffic comes by when your Website appears on the search result of a search engine. 


Best Ways To Increase Organic Traffic –

Organic Traffic can be increased with the help of content, SEO, social media, etc. Let us look into the several ways of increasing the organic traffic –

  1. If you want to grow Organic Traffic on your Website, then guess what? Content is the first primary key to it. For example, if you visit a site with no content displayed, it won’t be easy to guess what the site is about. So next time, you will prefer not to see that site again.
  1. Focus on topics that are evergreen and always in fashion. You can also include blogs on your Website. Many surveys have shown that websites with blog posts have more visitor links. Try and focus on writing the irresistible headlines. Catchy headlines for your blog post drive 200% more traffic.
  1. Create magnificent visuals for the websites, and concepts can be illustrated in such a way that it catches a visitor’s eye. Online platforms like Canva can be used for branding and creating appealing visuals. Nowadays, search engines like Google show images in search results. Incorporating videos into your Website is also a good option as it will increase organic traffic.
  1. To lead traffic to your site, it should be visible to the users and visitors. For this to become possible, building an SEO strategy is a must. With good SEO practice, the site can be seen in the search result of the search engines.
  1. Analyzing the keywords is vital because these keywords help you in finding the content ideas that people are looking for on search engines. Just do prefer long tail keywords as they have a word length of five or more words with the least competition and search vol. Furthermore, the keywords should also be placed in the content, making it easier for the search engine to locate you. Hence, increasing traffic on your site.
  1. The faster the loading speed, the higher the ranking of a page in the search result. Speed is important for user experience. Pages with longer load time will have to face the issue of higher bounce rates and lower average time spent on the Website’s page. So, the web page load speed should be fast. It can be done by optimizing and compressing the code files.
  1. The chances are that you are reading this information on a mobile phone. If you do not prefer the page’s structure, you will look elsewhere for the data you want. To solve this problem, the Website should be responsive. In a responsive web design, the web page is created in such a way that it can adjust across various types of screen sizes.
  1. Social media platforms are ruling the world these days. Even a tiny bit of things is being promoted on social media platforms. So, promote your content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Adding hashtags is also a wise step. The hashtags should be very specific to the post you are trying to promote.

How Long Does It Take To Get Organic Traffic? 

How long does it take to get organic traffic? This is one of the first questions that clicks in the mind of a new prospective client. The answer to this is that it all depends upon how the client wants to work and how hard they want to work.

In addition, it depends on the SEO strategy, the natural and engaging content, and the competition of keywords chosen. But to give a solid answer, it takes a minimum of three to four months to get organic traffic of approximately 100 unique visits per day in any niche.

Several other factors that determine the time taken for the growth of traffic are- the market you are sitting in and also the type of niche you have selected for your Website. If the niche you chose is common and has more competition, it will take more time for the organic traffic to reach your site.

The market and area in which you are sitting also play a vital role. Suppose you are residing in a big city market. In that case, the chances are that you will have to face high competition in comparison to the small city market.

Search engines take time to read into things like how relevant your page is to a user, how accurate and reliable your data is, whether your keywords are relevant or not, and how long it takes for the web page to load.

All these conditions will decide your rank in the search results. The list of things to get organic traffic to your Website is long. So, it is normal if organic traffic takes time to reach your site. As soon as the search engine starts noticing your Website, the unique visitors to your site will start increasing. SEO results are not immediate; good things always take time