What is SEO Based Writing

SEO Based Writing primarily focuses on including keywords in your written content, so that your content ranks higher on the search engine pages like Google. Experienced content writers are aware about what keywords are usually searched on Google these days i.e. the hot topics and they ensure to include those keywords in their articles. Let us elaborate this further for you.

What is SEO Based Writing

Whenever an article, blog, etc. are written and published on the web, aim is always to get it ranked higher on Google and that’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into the picture.

There is a lot of research done by the writers for finding the right keywords and of course, high-quality content is a prerequisite which helps in getting a good ranking on any search engine.

Also, there are various technical aspects involved in the process of optimizing your content on the search engines. There are various technical tools like tagging of the keywords (especially the title), creating landing pages, Structured Data Markup, targeting featured snippets, etc. used for a better search engine optimization.

It would be useful to learn about these in detail for which you can enroll yourself in a small training course and learn in detail from open online source educational websites at a very low cost.

What is Search Engine Rank

We had talked about getting a good ranking on search engines like Google, so let’s talk about even in more detail what exactly is a search engine rank and how to get it for your content.

Ranking of your content basically means your content’s top position (i.e. the visibility of your content) on the search engine results page. All the techniques applied in the SEO process are aimed for getting maximum people to read your content and it will happen only when your content is visible as soon as a related keyword is typed for searching on the popular search engines like Google.

It is good to know that Google has powerful supercomputers known as Compute Clusters. According to Google, PageRank (PR) algorithm is used by these Compute Clusters to rank web pages, which work on the concept that the more popular a particular web page is, the more likely it is to receive more links as reference from other content creators.

So, if some other content providers give the link of your content in their article then that will add to the popularity of your content and its rating will get a major boost.

What is SEO Based Writing

10 Steps for SEO Writing

Here are some thoroughly researched tips with tried and tested methods which will be useful for you in your SEO based writing.

Visualize what your readers want to read

Visualization is a great art of foreseeing what will make your content superhit among the readers. You can imagine what you would want to read if you would have been the reader yourself. What excites you as a reader would also excite the majority of the other readers as well. That’s how all the popular authors plan their content.

Your content should be very useful

Your content will be useful for others when you have something new to offer which a large section of readers may not be aware of. This will happen when you have an expertise on the topic you are writing i.e. it is a great knowledge addition for the readers.

Think from the perspective that your readers are investing their time in reading your article piece and they should get a good return of their investment (ROI) by reading your article.

Keep a catchy headline for your content

It is a very natural and spontaneous habit of people to pay more attention to what may seem different than usual, so try to think out of the box and include catchy words in the headline of your content.

If a headline attracts the attention of a reader, he is most likely to read the whole content as well. Think headline as a main introduction of your content, so it should be very impressive.

Ensure your content is structured correctly

This is all about following the basics of writing and ensuring that there should be meaningful headings and subheadings, appropriate use of fonts (like italics, bold, etc. to highlight what you are saying and have more impact), correct length of sentences and paragraphs, etc.

Apart from the title, Google gives some weightage to the subheadings as well which are in bold. Correctly structured articles have a great look exactly in the same way as some human beings have a great personality.

Check your content several times

Keep reading your content again and again to do a very strict and rigorous quality check. This is very important as good quality work is like a backbone of any content. Even the best of the writers sometimes do typing mistakes or have attention diverted which may result in spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Even if it is a miniscule mistake like an extra space or a spelling mistake in only one word which is difficult to be noticed, this may result in that content being labelled as substandard and lower rankings on the search engine pages.

To avoid these mistakes, you can also take help of typing assistant websites or apps which point grammatical errors as you type and help you in creating a good quality error free content.

Include appropriate images to make it appealing

It is a known fact that people relate more to the visual information than plain texts. If your written data is supported with appropriate images wherever applicable, it adds a visual appeal to your content. I

t is a scientifically proven fact that a human brain is programmed in such a way that the majority of information which gets transmitted to a human brain is visual. Use compelling images which enhance the meaning of your content and your article will shine through.

Use hyperlinks at appropriate places in the content

You can quote the other web pages as a reference to make your content more meaningful. In general, linking to a webpage (i.e. inserting a hyperlink in your content that links to another webpage) does not require the consent of the copyright owner because actually you are helping to increase their traffic with better page ranking and at the same time, making your point also more relevant by giving that hyperlink.

Please note that it should be strictly as a reference and original source name should be mentioned which that hyperlink points to. You can also quote the hyperlink of your own another article which will help to get more hits on your other article page.

Make sure your content is plagiarism free

Never copy the content from the other web pages, not even one line or few words. Write only if you have your own original ideas and knowledge which is based on your experience and area of expertise.

Plagiarism is not only illegal but also morally wrong because it is equivalent to stealing another person’s text. One may need to pay a hefty fine or it may result in getting that webpage banned and search engines like Google are very strict about it.

Don’t risk it because it is not worth it. Don’t worry even if you are a beginner and if you struggle to write fluently, if you practice writing regularly, very soon you will become a seasoned writer provided you have a good command over your language and an expertise on the topic which you are writing.

Use social media to popularize your content

Last but not the least, all the leading content providers use social media as a major tool to get more readers for their content and you can also benefit from this strategy. Social media websites/apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. are no longer only used for sharing the family party photographs or finding jobs, rather they have also become a marketplace where you can showcase your skills to get more people interested in reading your content.

Once you share the link of your article, you will be pleasantly surprised to note that you are getting a few more hits from your friend circle or family members, if you put it there in an impressive way.

One Bonus tip for you

Before we end, one bonus tip for you. Never use heavy or rarely used difficult words to impress your readers with your literary skills because people will not read the article if they have to open the dictionary very frequently for many uncommon words.

If you follow these 10 steps for your SEO writing in a skillful way, you will certainly get a good number of readers for your content and your web page will also rank higher on popular search engines like Google.