Why is my web hosting so slow? Common Web Hosting Problems & Their Solution

In a fast-moving world, a slow-loading website is a definite killjoy. Websites that take time to appear on the screen are more likely to be rejected and forgotten and hence it is imperative for website developers to build faster and sleeker products.

There are umpteen reasons why a website might be slow, and, in this article, we are going to discuss them along with the possible solutions.

A heavy Database

While a heavy database is not a bad thing, it is the unnecessary items in the database that makes it slow. Items like logs, plugins, and themes pile up over a period and create a burden on the process of responding to queries or request.

The best way to speed up the response time is by optimizing the database. This is done by removing the overheads. It is to be noted and always remember that the optimization of the databases is a continuous task.

web hosting so slow

Under optimized CSS

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is the code that is used to design the pages of the website. Often, it has been observed, that the primary reason behind slow websites is nothing but its faulty design.

The design of a website can make or break its customer engagement ability. To remove the slow loading time of the website, ensure to combine all external CSS files into one, use inline CSS instead of external CSS and use media types to schedule CSS loading.

Caching issues

Caching is the process when the browser stores static pages of the website. This allows it to load the website faster the next time it is searched for. There are plenty of tools and plugins (For WordPress Website) that assist in overcoming caching issues.

Heavy media files

The heavier the files, the slower will the loading of the website be. Media files, like images and videos, are heavy and take time to load. To counter it, it is advisable to compress them. This decreases their size and makes the website lighter and easier to load.

Poorly written JavaScript

A poorly coded website will have several deficiencies, the glaring of which would be slow loading. There will also be compatibility issues with the other elements of the website.

Such conflicts increase the response time and make the overall experience frustrating. A major overhaul of the JavaScript is required and only a meticulous investigation will reveal the deficiencies.

Remove the plugins

While plugins are vital for website operations and affiliate functionalities, having too many of them causes a challenge. The response time of the website increases and thereby adds to poor performance. Bulky plugins (Mostly Unnecessary Plugins) must be removed for this purpose.

Internet issues

This is one of the pertinent challenges that most websites face globally. Network congestion slows down website loading to a great extent. Other reasons like bandwidth restrictions, filtering, and excessive anti-virus activities also add to the chaos. Discuss it with the respective ISP (Internet Service Provide) to improve internet performance.

Final Words

Websites are a portal to the psyche of an individual or an organization and must provide an exemplary user experience. The aforementioned steps should be able to remove most of the roadblocks. Happy browsing